Ten Steps Ahead



Ten Steps Ahead

Ten steps ahead is a lifestyle brand that stimulates your mind to go further, to defy gravity, to break through to that forbidden place that only a chosen few gain access. The feather in the hat symbolizes a milestone reached by someone that has overcame setbacks, mishaps or trauma yet they still stand and they choose to move forward. 

We have created a brand for the strong that once were weak, for the seeing that once were blind, and for the last place runners in who crossed the finish line first! Put a feather in your cap!


Meet TSA Tony

As a creator, I get inspiration from people who overcome obstacles. I know how it feels to believe in yourself and win. I’ve seen minds change when my beliefs became reality… The brand’s based off a mastermind mindset. It embodies the spirit of a go getter. Each thread is a reminder of struggles and setbacks that we champion. So once you reach your milestones, put a feather in your cap…

No matter your starting point, focus on the plan. Have high integrity and hold yourself accountable. You're not where you need to be, because you don't possess the knowledge. So seek!

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